Humidity Control Systems in Dayton, OH

Indoor air with higher humidity holds more heat, impacting the comfort level of your home or office. Although your thermostat is set at a constant temperature, changes in humidity make your home feel warmer or colder. That is why a humidity control system from Kettering Heating & Air -- including humidifiers and dehumidifiers -- is a must-have for your property in the Kettering and Oakwood, OH area.

Humidity Control in Dayton

Summer Humidity Control For Your Home

An improperly sized AC system tends to be ineffective at controlling humidity, even if it is doing a good job at controlling the temperature. When your AC is oversized for the space requirements, humidity control suffers and you do not get the maximum value from your investment. Therefore, your AC system must be properly sized. To find the right-sized unit for your home, consider:

  • Age of the AC system (and whether it's working properly)
  • AC Technology used
  • Recommended AC size for the house
  • Thermostat control and control settings

A properly designed AC system should keep you comfortable even in the most humid summer months in the Kettering-Oakwood, OH region. In certain areas of the house, like basement rooms, you may choose to use local dehumidifiers.

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Winter Humidity Control For Your Home

During winter in the Kettering-Oakwood area in Ohio, the humidity in your home can get so low that it becomes more than a temperature problem. Low humidity triggers scratchy throats, frequent nosebleeds, and dry skin. If you have these winter symptoms, it might be the low humidity and NOT the temperature that is making you more susceptible to health-related issues such as colds, flu, allergies, sinus problems, and asthma.

To make matters worse, dry air feels cooler. Turning the thermostat up will have the effect of lowering the humidity even further. The simple answer to alleviating these issues is to install a humidifier. This will allow you to effectively control the indoor humidity levels between 35- 50%.

Let Us Control the Humidity Inside Your Home in Dayton, Brooksville, Oakwood, & Phillipsburg

Our experienced and expert technicians have been providing humidity control services for more than two and a half decades now, for your residential & business property within our service area. Do not hesitate to contact Kettering Heating & Air online or give us a call at 937-717-3335 for more information or to make an appointment in Brooksville, Casstown, Dayton, Laura, Phillipsburg, and other areas throughout the entire Kettering-Oakwood area in Ohio.