Freon Refill Services in Dayton, OH

AC refrigerant, or freon, is one of the core elements of your AC system. You must have enough coolant in the system to maintain maximum cooling. Allowing the freon level to drop too low will result in inconsistent cooling and, in some cases, no cooling at all. If you’re living in BradfordLauraBrookville, Dayton, Kettering, and other cities within our Greater Dayton, OH service area, don’t worry! Call Kettering Heating & Air at 937-717-3335  for the right solution today!

When you experience low freon levels and need freon refill services, these are the symptoms to look for:

Warm Air Blowing from AC vents

Increased Energy Bills

If the AC is not cooling properly that means it has to run a longer time than usual to cool your room, thus resulting in more usage of energy. This only leads to slowly cooling rooms and a huge energy bill at the end of the month. Sounds like a big problem, doesn’t it?

Warm Air Blowing from AC vents

Freon absorbs the heat of the room and transfers it out of the room. But if the level of freon is low, the AC won’t be able to absorb as much heat every cycle which means there is a chance of warm air coming out of the supply vents of your AC.

Frost Forming on AC Coils

Frost Forming on AC Coils

Ice or frost is likely to form on the outside of your AC system which may be due to low freon levels. When the freon level is low, it results in the dropping of the refrigerant temperature, lower than the normal design temperatures, eventually forming ice or frost.

Noises in the AC System

If you hear noises like hissing, there is a good chance that this might be the sound of freon escaping through a leak. The freon is escaping in the form of gas. And if you hear noises like bubbling, this indicates that the freon is escaping in the form of liquid.

These signs will help you determine if your AC needs refrigerant or freon refill. If you notice any of these, especially the hissing or bubbling noise as not many AC system issues make sounds like this, get help from professionals immediately. And if you are living around Oakwood, Bradford, Laura, OH call Kettering Heating & Air today for a freon refill of your AC system.

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If your AC needs freon refilling, Kettering Heating and Air will be more than happy to help you at the best pricing. If you live in PiquaConover, and other OH cities, ur crew of skilled and highly experienced technicians will solve your problems, be it freon refilling, plumbing, or furnaces. Call us today at 937-717-3335 or contact us online for a free estimate.