Electrical Upgrades & Heavy Ups in Kettering-Oakwood, OH

Are you considering building an addition to your Florida home? Have you noticed your lights flickering on and off over the past few weeks? Does your circuit breaker frequently trip? Well, you’re not alone.

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, chances are your home needs a heavy up done in your home. Kettering Heating & Air provides the most efficient electrical upgrades & heavy ups in Kettering-Oakwood, OH.

We are always ready at your service to make sure that your HVAC system is running perfectly, including the installation, repair, and cleaning of your ductwork. Our professionals will visit your home, examine your ductwork, and suggest the necessary fixes to make it as efficient as possible. If you are building a new HVAC system, we ensure your ductwork is working with your heating and air conditioning units rather than against them.

What is an Electrical Heavy Up?

Put simply, a heavy up refers to upgrading your home’s electrical power. A heavy up is when you increase the amperage (electrical power) of an electrical circuit so the circuit can safely accommodate all of your electrical devices and appliances at any one time. In other words, if you find yourself constantly tripping your circuit breakers when one appliance is plugged in or turned on, chances are you need to upgrade the circuitry. Prolonging an upgrade can pose serious risks for your home, including the possibility of an electrical fire.

Time to Get an Electrical Upgrade

Building new additions to your home is the most common time to have a heavy up done; however, it’s certainly not the only time. New homes are built to safely accommodate newer technology and more powerful electrical appliances. While technology is changing almost every day, state-of-the-art equipment like home theater systems, powerful refrigerators, washers, and dryers, etc. are causing trouble for older, less current electrical technology. If you experience any of the following signs, you may want to consider electrical panel upgrades in your home with a heavy up from Kettering Heating & Air:

• Your electrical panel is more than 20 years old
• Your circuit breaker trips frequently
• You’re planning to expand your home
• Your lights flicker constantly
• You plan to upgrade your major appliances (i.e. washer, dryer, refrigerator, etc.)

The location of the breaker panel or box needs to be carefully planned due to strict regulations on their placement. Our team at Kettering can help you determine the right location for your breaker panel.

Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

We understand that your home is a significant investment and most likely one of your largest assets. This is why we encourage you to protect your investment and schedule an electrical panel upgrade. Scheduling a heavy up provides your home with:

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