Duct Installation Services in Dayton, Trotwood & Kettering, OH

Large volumes of air are moved through your home's ductwork from your air handler to the vents in every room. So, if something happens to the ductwork, you will find that your heating and cooling systems are not as efficient as they should be, and it needs to be replaced with a new duct.

Kettering Heating & Air has been serving duct installation services for more than 25 years. Our experts are completely licensed, extremely skilled, and trained to install new ducts to the highest standards. So call us anytime at 937-717-3335 if you need duct installation services.

Signs You Need New Duct Installation

Professional duct installation service
  • Poor airflow: When you find that the airflow of your place is not suitable enough at that moment you can assume it's about the ductwork issue.
  • Dusty home: This can indicate that your ductwork is unclean and dispersing pollutants throughout your house.
  • Noise: Due to accumulated air pressure, ductwork that is not cooling or heating effectively may rumble and produce strange noises.
  • Musty atmosphere: Mold can flourish inside your air ducts if there is enough moisture and humidity. It makes your home’s atmosphere musty and smelly.
  • Allergy: For those who have respiratory problems, their problem may increase because of ductwork misfunctioning.
  • Energy Bill: If your duct is old or damaged, that time you will find that your energy bill is increasing and temperature imbalance at your home. Hence you need to think about a new duct installation.

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