New Construction Testing in Kettering-Oakwood, OH

If you have been considering an "energy-efficient", "high-performance" or "green" building, you may have done research to learn more about the process. Performance testing of homes and third-party verification are common elements of most "above-code" building certification programs.

But this kind of testing must be done only by a professional. Kettering Heating & Air is pleased to offer professional energy testing services for new constructions, in Kettering-Oakwood, OH.

Specialized Tools Used for Testing by Kettering

Specialized tools are used by Kettering to measure and document the performance of new homes. The information collected during the testing process provides a valuable snapshot of the home.

What it measures: A blower door is used to test air leakage of the building enclosure by depressurizing the home following a standardized method. The test measures the amount of airflow across the exterior enclosure at a specified static pressure difference between the indoors and outdoors. This provides a repeatable air leakage characteristic for that home. The current Ohio code requires a blower door test to verify that a new home achieves 3 ACH (air changes per hour) or less.

What it measures: Infrared thermography shows differences in surface temperatures. This test can be done from the inside or outside, but for houses, it's generally done from the inside.

This test can be used to:

• Review the thermal performance of insulation.
• In combination with the blower door, it can be used to locate air leakage through the building envelope.

How it works: Air movement through a building assembly changes surface temperatures in distinctive ways. This can be interpreted by the professionals to identify unsealed framing gaps, holes for mechanicals, and other sources of infiltration. Because evaporation causes cooling, water leaks are occasionally discovered by professionals during the review of a home. The energy performance of a home can be improved by correcting the problem areas discovered during testing.

What it measures: Air distribution systems are tested using a duct testing device similar to the blower door. This device determines the airtightness of the duct system at a given static pressure between the ductwork and the house. Leaky ductwork compromises energy efficiency and comfort because heated or cooled air is not delivered where it's needed.

What it measures: The Balometer (Flow Hood) measures the actual airflow of ventilation equipment and confirms that design goals were achieved.
Ventilation of the conditioned (living) space is important to control moisture, odors, and pollutants which could impact the occupants of the home. The ventilation equipment should be properly sized for each home to provide the required ventilation flows.

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