AC Zoning System for Your Home across Dayton, OH

When you live under one roof, it is very obvious that each individual carries distinct personality traits among the members of your family. Therefore, everybody might not have the same temperature tolerance which makes it rather difficult to cohabit. To resolve such issues, the AC zoning system can bring a revolutionary change. This system's primary aim is to create customized temperature zones for different rooms in the house. The system has a thermostat and a damper, and the central control panel sets the thermostat's temperature sequentially with the ductwork for multiple places. To provide you with such efficient service and make your life more comfortable, here comes Kettering Heating & Air. We are here to rescue you from every HVAC-relevant problem you might need to get rid of.

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Know about The Benefits of Zoned AC System for Your Home

An AC zone system allows you to limit the heating or cooling around the areas that have less traffic. As installing this zoning system for the entire house can be a big investment, you must consider the advantages it might bring to you.

heating and cooling hvac units and ac zone system
  • Reduce energy consumption: As you can limit the system's cooling or heating zones, the energy efficiency can be boosted to a new level.
  • Improve your lifestyle: The duct damper can regulate and control separate temperatures in different zones for your comfort.
  • Flexibility for every member of the house: The customizable option is pretty flexible as you can set the preferred warmth or coldness for your room and others.
  • Two-in-one option: You can set multiple temperatures, like heating or cooling to different areas in the same house.
  • Save utility bills: You can restrict heating or cooling to certain areas rather than setting the temperature for the entire building. That reduces paying extra.

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